Field Operations Overview

Trust Ezetek with the installation, inspection, and repair of your communication towers, sites and facilities. We are an experienced market leader, specializing in towers and antennas of nearly every size. Our highly trained crews typically work with RF cables from 1/2″ to 1 5/8″, including full installation of coax and connectors. We also offer RF sweeping and full PIM testing capabilities. Microwave link alignment and spectrum analysis/interference mitigation are among many of the technical services we can provide.

Ezetek completes Cellular DAS installations for all major, and several regional, carriers. We offer civil construction, structured cabling, and Fiber Optic splicing and testing services, as well as cellular integration and testing.

Ezetek also has a long history within the SCADA industry. From system design and installation, to radio equipment diagnostics, and protocol analysis, we are available 24/7, to provide support in any way possible. Ezetek is also capable of designing, installing, and troubleshooting voice radio networks, including P25.


Ezetek offers a variety of installation services to meet your needs.

Tower & Antenna

Specializing in the installation and maintenance of tower systems for the telecommunications industry – including guyed towers, self-supporting towers, and monopoles.

Cellular DAS

Robust cellular coverage through the customized design and installation of Distributed Antenna Systems.

Civil Construction

We offer everything you need to make your site safe, accessible and secure. We have experience constructing site access roads, tower and shelter compounds, fencing of compounds, and tower anchors.

Structured Cabling

Well-designed, carefully implemented structured cabling systems that meet your data and communications needs.

SCADA System Design and Installation

Solutions for collecting, monitoring and storing data. Our custom SCADA systems reduce manpower and improve efficiency even in remote areas.

Wireless System Maintenance & Repair

If a component in your wireless system fails, your entire communications network may be in jeopardy. Ezetek minimizes your downtime by offering fast, efficient repairs. Better yet, we can help keep your wireless system in good working order with regular diagnostics and maintenance.

Structural Analysis Data Gathering and Inspections

Ensure the optimal performance of your wireless system. We offer structural analysis and inspections to ensure all components are performing as they should.

Tower, Antenna, & Cable

Our trained technicians can diagnose and repair issues that may arise with a tower, antenna or cable, or perform preventative maintenance.

Radio Equipment Diagnostics

Testing and diagnosing radio equipment to ensure its peak performance.

Spectrum Analysis and Interference Mitigation

Ezetek has the equipment and experience to optimize your system. From recommending a viable technology for your specific region, to identifying internal or external interference sources on your existing channels, Ezetek carries a full range of test equipment for optimal performance with in your network.

24/7 Service Availability

Unfortunately, malfunctions and breakdowns don’t abide by a set schedule. Repairs can be needed 24 hours a day, so Ezetek is constantly on-call.

Technical Services

Ezetek offers a variety of technical services, each delivered to the highest standard by our trained and certified team.

Cellular Integration and Testing

Ezetek can help extend cellular connectivity within your corporate campus through integration, and through testing, identify areas with poor cellular penetration.

Certified Fiber Optic Installation, Splicing, & Testing

All fiber optic installation, splicing and testing is performed by certified installers resulting in minimum power loss and maximum reliability.

Microwave Link Alignment and Commissioning

We offer a methodological, systematic process that includes loss/attenuation calculations, fade margin calculations, frequency planning and interference calculations to ensure a reliable microwave link.

RF Sweep and PIM Testing

RF Sweep and PIM testing ensures that your transmit and receive systems are performing to design specifications and are ready to be placed into service in your network.

SCADA Protocol Analysis

Ezetek can thoroughly analyze SCADA networks for vulnerability and threats and identify possible areas for upgrade or improvement.